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Photographer recreates couple’s wedding to give them the photos they never had

Anything (and everything) can go wrong on your wedding day, but the important thing is not to let it destroy you. In the end, it’s all about the love you feel for your soon-to-be spouse, not the bridesmaids’ bouquets that came in the wrong color.

That being said, I totally feel for this bride who, minutes before she walked down the aisle, learned that her wedding photographer was a no-show. Needless to say, bride Heather Koehler was saddened by this news, but she tried her hardest not to let it ruin her big day.

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According to Koehler, the photographer said she had told him the wrong weekend date for the wedding. Regardless of the reason or whose fault it was, it was a very disappointing thing with which to be faced on a day that’s supposed to be about enjoying and remembering wonderful moments.

“It was in the back of my mind all night though, not having professional pictures of Matt and I’s first dance, or the daddy-daughter dance, or the ceremony,” Koehler told BuzzFeed.

However, little did they know, they had a wedding guest who was related to a photographer fairy godmother. Dana Gruszynski is a professional photographer in Michigan, and after hearing about the unfortunate circumstances that befell this bride and groom, she had to do something to help. So she decided to give them a bridal shoot complete with set design, cake and flowers, free of charge.

Gruszynski told SheKnows, “Being able to do this for Matt and Heather was incredible. This couple is beautiful inside and out, and with my passion behind the camera, I knew I had to share that with them since they didn’t get that on their wedding day.”

This incredible woman went on a mission for the next three weeks to find a backyard that looked like the couple’s wedding venue, make decorations and find a florist willing to donate flowers. She even got the bride’s sister-in-law to recreate the wedding cake for the shoot. Once everything was set up, the shoot took about an hour and a half to complete.

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Image: DanaG Photography
Image: DanaG Photography

The best part is the couple had no idea she had recreated all this for them. So on the day of the shoot, she invited them into the backyard and revealed the sweet surprise. Naturally, they were quite overcome with emotion and gratitude.

Image: DanaG Photography

Heather and Matt finally got to have their first dance professionally captured.

Image: DanaG Photography

As well as the cutting of the cake.

Image: DanaG Photography

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There were many other wonderful moments expertly caught on film that day by Gruszynski, and the couple couldn’t have been happier. “All the work she put into it and how great it turned out was awesome,” said Koehler. “It’s something I will never forget. The pictures turned out perfect.”

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