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Bride surprises her husband on wedding day with sexy dance (VIDEO)


For some, a wedding is a place for solemn (and innocent) vows of faithfulness and adoration for life. For others, it’s a party. For actress and dancer Renata Bresciani of Miami, it was a chance to show off her hot and sexy moves for her new spouse.

The video is totally adorable (and hot, to boot) and is such a great example of spouses bringing themselves and their personality into their wedding. See below:

My first thought when I heard the bride did a “sexy wedding dance” was that it was a little inappropriate. It definitely could be. There are traditions (garter, I am looking at you) that seem a little tacky and out of place at weddings, but in this case, the sexiness was kind of perfect. The way her husband responded to her dance is beyond adorable, and quite frankly, sex is what makes a marriage go.

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It’s a fact.

People will say it is other things, and most certainly it is. Humor. Curiosity. A sense of fun and adventure. All these things matter in marriage as well. But when it comes down to it, sexual attraction and that passion for each other is key. Without that, you might as well be roommates.

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So these two? They have a great shot. Love the video. Love the hotness. Love it all. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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