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Website encourages men to not look at their wife’s face during sex

There’s good sex, and there’s bad sex. And then there is freaky sex where your husband won’t even meet your gaze. No, really. There is. At least according to one religious blogger who advocates never looking one’s wife directly in the eyes during the “sinful act” of sex. Good Lord, indeed.

A Christian website that encourages men and women to live by biblical gender roles is also encouraging men not to look at their wives when they submit to sex with a less than excited attitude but that women, regardless, ought to be having sex anyway. See below: 

Every time you have sex and are not genuinely feeling sexual pleasure from your husband and it is not for the two reasons I mentioned above – you should fake it!

Is he insane? He basically advocates for faking it unless you are in physical pain or he is hurting you. Even more, he says that men should ignore their woman’s face while they are having sex so that he can have his pleasure without the major downer of not seeing her as happy as she could be.

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Wow. What a generous dude. If that’s biblical marriage, let’s please forget it.

I have been married 12 years (together for almost 15) and I have never faked “it” in any way. For better or worse. Sure, I have been less into having sex some nights and I have certainly said yes when I would have just as soon gone to sleep. But then my husband, because we love each other, has worked to get me in the mood. He teases and cajoles and helps me get to where I feel pleasure rather than just lie there.

I do the same with him.

Sorry, men, if you are turning your head away from your wife and just jack rabbiting her while ignoring her face, then you are bad in bed. And there is a reason your wife isn’t looking at you. News flash: Sexual pleasure isn’t just for men. Crazy, I realize. If my husband weren’t into sex, I wouldn’t jump on him and make him do it anyway. I would try to get him in the mood. I would flash him and do the things he likes in order to get him there.

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If a man isn’t doing that and just expects his wife to lie down and spread, then he is a crappy husband. And a crappy lover, to boot. It’s all fine and good to have a “biblical” marriage. Call me crazy, but I’d rather have a good one.

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