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Newlywed couple accidentally tell the world they do S&M (PHOTO)

Oops. One couple may be wishing they’d spent a little more time planning their wedding photo shoot.

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Holding up massive letters spelling out “I do” is a nice touch for a wedding pic. As is the bride and groom holding their own initials. But when your initials are “S” and “M” and you put the two ideas together in a certain way… well, this is what happens.

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For the more innocent readers out there “S&M” is short for sadomasochism, which is the practice of deriving sexual pleasure from pain.

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Thanks to the bride’s sibling (and the power of the Internet) the whole world now knows that Stephanie and Miles like a bit of S&M. Even if they actually don’t.

Posting the image on Reddit and Imgur with the title, “So… my sister Stephanie married her boyfriend Miles last week…” the sibling gave no indication that the couple even knew about their inadvertent disclosure. However, do you think the guys in the back row did? They look like they’re finding something pretty amusing.

Reddit users were quick to share their own embarrassing/funny monogram tales.

“My friend ‘Anne’ married ‘Steve Smith’. His mom gave them a hurricane lamp with their monogram etched on it: ASS,” posted user love llama.

“We had M & S cake toppers at our wedding, with specific instructions to put the Groom first. Baker thought we were being misogynistic and reversed them for “the sake of our guests”. No misogyny, just a general concern over telling everyone our secrets,” shared user snype09.

“I’m a Tony and I’ve dated Alisons, Ashleys, and Amandas. T&A, baby. All damn DAY,” wrote user iforgotmypen.

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