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Hilarious video features woman after wisdom tooth surgery wishing for boobs

Wisdom teeth removal surgery is notorious for producing some hilariously viral YouTube videos, and this one is from a woman who was hoping she’d wake up from wisdom teeth removal surgery with bigger boobs.

Shelby is a young woman who is very sad after her wisdom teeth extraction. “I thought I would wake up with bigger boobs,” she says to her mother.

Um. Yeah. “Why would you wake up with bigger boobs?” her mother asks (natch). “You weren’t getting boob surgery. You were getting your teeth out.”

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Shelby says: “I know, but I wish I was. It’s not nice that they don’t do that too.” Hilarious. You have to see it to believe it:

Funny, right? I remember waking up from wisdom teeth removal surgery and telling everyone that I loved them so much. The gas made me giddy with adoration. My dentist was “wonderful and talented.” My dad was “super duper and the best dad ever.” I was high as a kite.

On the other hand, I wasn’t caught on video.

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I think that to some extent we all have mixed feelings on these kinds of videos. They are such a vulnerable time for us. We have no control over our actions and our silliness, and thousands of strangers may judge us if we go viral. It’s funny. Yes, it is. And in this case, I assume the mother and daughter both are in on the joke of posting it. She seems old enough to decide whether it’s worth posting.

But I wouldn’t want mine posted. Those meds are no joke. They make us loopy. It’s funny but also a little scary to be so out of control.

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