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Can’t get rid of those awful Tinder matches? This could be why


You might think if you match with someone on Tinder and it doesn’t work out, then they are gone for good, right? Not so. A lot of online daters are getting an unpleasant surprise when their no-gos suddenly appear as Facebook friend suggestions.

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But Digital Trends has determined why that may be happening, and no, it’s not because dating apps and Facebook have been cross-sharing information.

The reason your unwanted matches are suddenly appearing as suggestions has more to do with your cellphone. Facebook finds your suggested friends from its “imported contacts” feature that users opt into with mobile apps, the publication states. If you use Facebook on your phone, then this has most probably happened to you even if you don’t remember opting into it, because it could have happened while your phone was updating or syncing.

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How do you fix this pesky problem?

It takes a lot of time and patience, because you will need to check and remove your Tinder matches from your invite history page on Facebook.

Another reason this could be happening is due to Facebook’s algorithm, which may assume that you’re interested in a person based on your Facebook search history. And the chances only increase if you have a mutual friend or network.

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Or maybe it’s fate telling you it’s time to give those guys or girls a second chance? Probably not, so it’s better you start taking precautions to remove all the creepers.

Have you had any unwanted Facebook friend suggestions from failed Tinder matches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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