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Up your Tinder game by taking cues from these clever guys (PHOTOS)

Your Tinder profile picture says a lot about who you are. It’s also the easiest way to make a good first impression — and one group of friends has this nailed.

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When Kevin Rouston and his mates recently accompanied one of their married friends to Ikea, instead of browsing through the home section and picking out fancy cutlery, they decided to utilise their time in the Swedish retailer in the best way possible — by taking pictures for their Tinder profiles.

And Rouston decided to share the results via Imgur, because everyone knows if you want to get swiped the right way, you need to woo potential partners with pictures of your perfect kitchen (who doesn’t love a romantic home-cooked meal?).

Men use Ikea for their new Tinder profile pictures
Image: Kevin Rouston/Imgur

And what says perfect partner more than a man who has great taste in art and books? Although, we do wonder if potential suitors will notice that this book is upside down.

Friends use IKEA for Tinder profiles
Image: Kevin Rouston/Imgur

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Showing off your artistic skills is bound to win over the hearts of all those creative girls.

Friends use IKEA for Tinder profile pictures
Image: Kevin Rouston/Imgur

Rouston told Elite Daily that the idea was the brainchild of his friend, Theary Orn, and explained how it came about.

“[Theary] had complained in the past about not having much success getting Tinder matches but if you look at his profile one could see his photos were either outdated or poor quality. I usually bring my Canon on outdoor climbing trips so we’d joke about taking photos JUST for Tinder,” he told the outlet.

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“Throughout the maze that is Ikea they began posing in positions and places they thought would be funny and ironic. It was a lot of fun and hilarious how the photos actually turned out on my iPhone. The lighting in Ikea is perfect,” he added.

They may be on to something: What girl doesn’t want a man with an impressive study? He just better hope that they don’t see the Ikea sign hanging in the background.

Friends use IKEA for their Tinder profiles
Image: Kevin Rouston/Imgur

Do you think these guys have upped their chances of a date? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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