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5 Rules for taking the ultimate breakup selfie

Just broke up? Need to take the perfect breakup selfie to post on social media? No problem.

But before you go all crazy snapping and posting, here are five rules to take the ultimate breakup selfie.

1. Look hot

Kourtney Kardashian’s breakup selfie game has been killing it lately. This is one of her very best. Why? Not just because she looks smokin’ hot — because it’s just so casual. Like, “Yeah, I woke up like this.” It’s important not to come across like you’re trying to be so hot. It just happened! You can’t help it!

2. High road, always

Another important function of the breakup selfie is to announce you’re back on the market. This cute couple took a breakup selfie to show there aren’t any hard feelings. Classy kids!

3. Play the pity card wisely

sam smith breakup selfie
Image: Sam Smith/Instagram

Sam Smith took a different approach to the breakup selfie, using it as an opportunity to look sad and lonely. This is effective if you are the one who did the breaking up. Like, “Yeah, we broke up today and I feel really bad about it.” If you got dumped, looking pitiful is probably not a great way to go.

4. Don’t look too happy about it

This couple took a breakup selfie to celebrate their divorce. Because nothing says “I can’t stand this idiot for one more second” than an elated shot in front of divorce court. I mean, we get you guys are fine with breaking up, but you know, show a little remorse that it didn’t work out or you could come off like a bit of a sociopath.

5. Go easy on the revenge fantasy

You’re not just hot, you’re pissed and looking for revenge. Here’s a popular breakup meme on social media that lets you demonstrate exactly how you plan to use your overwhelming hotness for revenge. But beware, revenge fantasies against your ex aren’t exactly a way to encourage new people into your life. Just sayin’.

Now who wants some Ben & Jerry’s?

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