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Daughter launches #datediane to help her mom find someone to dance with

Kate Hoit’s mom is still married to her father, but that’s not keeping her from trying to find mom a date. The reason? Well, it’s complicated.

Kate’s father, Frederic “Bill” Hoit, has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t really recognize his family anymore. Kate’s mother, Diane Hoit, visits him regularly, but it’s obvious to Kate that her mother is lonely. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

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She asked Twitter to help her mom get a date.

“Attention Twitter. I’m launching a campaign to get my mom a date in the next 48 hours in #Albany, NY. #DateDiane #please RT,” she tweeted, according to the Times Union.

The hashtag has taken off with plenty of tweets and retweets, though no word on whether Kate’s found her mom a suitor quite yet.

“I said, ‘What are you looking for?’ She said, ‘A 35-year-old’,” Kate told the Times Union of what her mom wants. All jokes aside, the educator wants someone who’ll like going to Target with her (she hates going alone) and will help her learn to tango, jitterbug with her and make her laugh.

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And it sounds like Kate won’t rest until her mom has that companion.

“It would be nice to have,” she said. “I refer to it as a hockey buddy, not attached to my hip and nobody’s going to get their mail at my house… Nothing heavy duty. I can’t. I’m not interested.”

We know that guy is out there, Diane.

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