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One woman is creatively erasing her exes with Photoshop and a few celebs

We all have that one photo where we look totally amazing, but there’s another person in the shot that you’d like nothing more than to forget.

Do you have to ditch the photo? Nope! Just take a cue from Los Angeles-based photographer Kaitlin Kelly. One night she lamented to pals that she was bummed that she couldn’t look at old photos anymore because her ex was in them.

Her friends had a genius suggestion: Just replace the ex with someone else. Genius, really!

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So, she decided to mess around in Photoshop and had an epiphany: “Wait, why don’t I cover him up with hot celebrities?” And that’s exactly what she did. Kelly took one photo and added Christian Grey himself, Jamie Dornan, instead of the ex-who-shall-not-be-named. Soon after, other friends came to the 25-year-old asking for the same treatment on their photos.

Kaitlin Kelly Photoshops celebrities
Image: Kaitlin Kelly

She was happy to oblige because “helping other women feel good about their situation was a huge bonus I never foresaw out of a night of drinking, movies and dicking around in Photoshop,” Kelly told BuzzFeed.

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“It’s really fun for me to turn kind of awkward memories into another kind of awkward, yet fun and silly, memory.”

Swapping celebrity faces has been cathartic for Kelly, giving her a laugh while salvaging her years of memories. “I could look at the pictures again and feel happy,” she said.

Want your own? Kelly is going to offer her services soon on Etsy. Start collecting those pictures now!

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