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The key to a long life is bacon, according to the world’s oldest woman

Bacon makes everything better.” That’s the sign that hangs in Susannah Mushatt Jones’ kitchen.

And for good reason: Jones, who currently reigns as the oldest woman in the world, credits the pork product for her long life.

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The 116-year-old told USA Today that she maintains a steady diet of bacon, eggs and grits for breakfast. That, she says — along with plenty of sleep, love, faith and generosity toward others — is the key to living such a long life.

But mostly bacon.

“She’ll eat bacon all day long,” her niece, Lois Judge, told Page Six, adding that “she feeds herself” a plate of veggies and potatoes, but “eats the meat first.”

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She’s also a huge fan of gum — specifically Doublemint.

“At 96, she grew another molar,” Judge told Page Six. “We try to monitor this gum, but she knows a pack has five sticks, so she stretches out her hand for the fifth. She flips the wrapper off and throws it down. And don’t offer Wrigley. She knows the difference.”

So, forget the health warnings and eat as much bacon as you want. If it works for the world’s oldest woman, it has to work for you, right?

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Well, maybe not — Jones might just be one of those special people who can eat anything.

“God has her here for a reason,” Judge joked.

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