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Woman goes looking for man she kissed, finds his girlfriend instead

If you have ever been at a club and met a person you thought was pretty terrific only to have them disappear on you, then you will relate to the story of a woman in the U.K. who decided to look for the man with whom she shared some flirtation and intimacy one night. But what happened next is less a dream of love and more a nightmare.

Pippa McKinney, 22, hooked up with a handsome stranger out one night. He invited her back to his place. They kissed. But the next day, she had no information. So she went on a hunt. She took to Facebook and shared a picture of herself with “Matty” to try to meet up again. See below:

Cute, right? The only problem, of course, is that the person who responded wasn’t “Matty” at all, but was instead, his girlfriend Emily. Ouch.

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Emily promptly dumped her two timing boyfriend and all seemed right in the world, but McKinney’s quest brings up an interesting issue. Yes, this guy is a bad guy and yes, he was cheating and that’s wrong. But it also seems a little odd to plaster his photo all over social media less than 24 hours after meeting him. Don’t we deserve some form of privacy?

Cheating is bad, for sure. But so is losing our privacy and that part concerns me deeply. Cads trying to hook up with women by hiding their wedding rings in pockets or covering their hands as they chat girls up is nothing new. But the way they can get caught is new and maybe it’s not all good.

In this case, Emily deserved to know what her boyfriend was up to and, of course, Pippa was a victim, too. She was an unwitting “other woman.” I’d be furious as well. But it does sort of highlight the dangers both for people looking to step out on their significant other and for those looking for love in bars. People lie. They always have. And knowing someone for a couple hours hardly means you know their whole story.

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This man has now been publicly humiliated, dumped, and shamed. Does one night of silliness and fun really call for that? I am not sure. They were hardly married. At any rate, it is a cautionary tale. If you want to cheat, don’t let her take a photo of you.

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