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Jewelry designer wants you to swap your engagement ring for a septum ring

Kiss that dream of wearing a princess-cut diamond engagement ring goodbye.

The newest trend in engagement jewelry involves your nose, rather than your finger. At least, that’s what Delfina Delettrez wants.

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The jewelry designer introduced diamond septum engagement rings in her spring/summer 2016 collection. Septum rings — the rings that hang from the cartilage that divides your nostrils — are having a moment right now, with everyone from Zoë Kravitz to Madonna to Lady Gaga wearing them.

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“Maybe we can move away from having to wear an engagement ring — introduce engagement rings, engagement earrings, engagement bracelets, and to add a little punkiness to it, a little irony, I wanted to introduce the engagement nose ring,” Delettrez told

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Though the septum ring is having a moment right now, they’ve actually been around for centuries as both a symbol of religion and power.

While it’s difficult to believe the idea of a septum engagement ring will actually catch on, it’s definitely a fun alternative for those who don’t want to follow the pack. And if diamonds aren’t your thing? There are a few other options in the designer’s new collection, too.

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Delettrez’s designs don’t require a piercing either, so they don’t take as much of a commitment as, say, a marriage.

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