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People with higher credit are also more committed in love

When it comes to love, money is often a deal breaker. It shouldn’t be, but it often is. It matters just that much. So a new study indicating that people with higher credit are also better lovers is kind of no big surprise.

A new working paper out of the Federal Reserve Board seems to suggest that one’s credit score tells more than just about anything else when determining a person’s fitness in terms of long time love. Yes, seriously.

Economists working on the study found that people with higher credit tended to be more likely to enter into committed relationships and stay together. And that’s not all. People tend to go for others with similar credit scores to themselves and those scores are prescient in terms of whether or not the couple will stay together. Those with mismatched credit are also more likely to see their relationships fail. Wow.

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The thing is, it makes a lot of sense. I know, I know. There are a lot of people out there who made one or two mistakes in their youth that destroyed their credit. There are always exceptions. But by and large, there is something about good credit that screams responsibility. It means a woman (or a man) doesn’t bite off more than they can chew. It means they keep track of things. It means they make commitments and keep them. In other words: Duh.

I didn’t check my husband’s credit score when I married him (though maybe I should have!) but I knew it was good. He had a nice car that was his. He has credit cards he paid off. He had student loans he was paying down every month. We have both worked hard together to maintain that to allow us to buy our house and cars and everything else. The truth is, credit score is also a predictor of the kind of life you will have. Marry someone with bad credit and you may run into issues buying a house or even a new car. Why would anyone want to take on that albatross?

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Money is not the reason to marry someone. But credit? Well, credit might be. Maybe online dating profiles should include a spot for our credit scores. Just kidding. Not kidding at all.

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