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Advocate for reproductive rights by sending Congress your uterus

Tired of politicians telling you how to manage your body? You’re definitely not alone.

Two female entrepreneurs feel the same way, so they launched Send Congress Your Uterus, a service that lets you give your elected representatives a piece of your mind via a colorful postcard.

For $3.50, you can send one of three postcards to any one of the 305 federal lawmakers who have opposed women’s reproductive rights.

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“Dear Congress member, You’re receiving this because your voting patterns have demonstrated to the women of these United States, that you believe you have a right to regulate our bodies,” the cards read. “Enjoy the sentiment of this postcard.”? 

The service was created by Chelsea Kent, founder of Scratch Nails and colleague Alexa Natanson.

“We didn’t necessarily have a strong interest in politics,” Natanson told Cosmopolitan. “We realized that we care a ton about the fact that there are these people running our country and most people are not paying attention to what they’re doing.”

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She added that you always have the option to write or email, but emails are easily deleted and letters don’t pack the same sort of punch as a colorful postcard.

“Someone in their office is going to have to make a decision about what to do” with the postcard, Natanson added to Cosmo. “They’re going to either have to show it to someone, or they’re going to have to throw it away. They will be making a statement every time they receive [a] postcard and have to think about what to do with it, instead of just moving it to a spam folder in email.”?

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