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12 Easy ways to enjoy life’s simple moments

I often get so caught up in the race of my daily life that I forget to take a moment to enjoy the simple moments.

By 5 p.m. I am exhausted and grumpy and still have to tackle dinner, homework, cleaning and our hour long bedtime routine. In order to preserve my energy and maintain a more positive attitude, I like to include some of these 12 ways to enjoy the simple moments into my daily grind:

How to enjoy the simple moments:

1. Pour a cup of coffee before anyone wakes up

There is something about the stillness of those early morning hours that allows you to find your zen and start the day with a positive attitude!


2. Call a good friend

It’s easy to get caught up in our daily to-do lists, but maintaining friendships is so important. Take some time to connect with a friend. Not only will a quick chat lighten your mood, but it will lighten your friends mood too!


3. Bake something

Is there anything as homey and lovely as the smell of baked goods in the oven? Turn your home into an oasis of sweet smelling goodness. Your whole family will thank you for it.

4. Share a kiss

When love is in the air, we have a certain spring to our step. Give someone you love a kiss, even if that someone happens to be Fido.


5. Adopt a furry friend

Speaking of Fido, if you don’t already have a pet, it’s time to add one! Pet therapy is a real thing. Nothing helps you enjoy the simple things like the sweet face of a furry friend.


6. Take photos

Challenge yourself to capture a moment on your camera that makes you feel good. You will find yourself looking for the good in your surroundings!


7. Exercise

It’s not always easy to carve out time for exercise, but your body and mind will thank you for it! You will provide some time to yourself; and after a brisk walk or jog, you will feel more alert and less stressed.


8. Keep a journal

Spending time writing about things that are on your mind helps process some of the stress you might be feeling, clears your mind and helps you focus on the things in life that are most important to you.


9. Hug Somebody

Some people believe that hugs have physiological effects on people that not only reduce stress and worry but also lowers your heart rate and enhances your immune system. It’s crazy how something as simple as a hug can help you in ways that you don’t even realize!


10. Eat chocolate

Savoring the taste of a wonderful treat, like a piece of dark chocolate, is a wonderful way to escape the daily grind. Not to mention, it is loaded with nutrients that can affect your health in a positive way!


11. Read a good book

If an escape is needed, you might add a good book to that chocolate snack! Sneaking in a few minutes for a chapter every day is a great way to plant yourself into another world without actually leaving the one you’re in. Not to mention, finishing a book is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!


12. Pour yourself a nightcap

Ending your day with a nightcap is as enjoyable as starting your day with a cup of coffee. Put those kids to bed and enjoy a quiet house while you process the beauty the day brought you and prepare for another!


It might not be possible to implement all 12 ways to enjoy the simple moments into every single busy day, but choose a couple! Finding enjoyment in the small things is a great way to feel less overwhelmed by the big things!

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