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Emotional dad stops daughter’s wedding to give her stepdad the spotlight


Weddings can be an awkward time for the children of divorced parents — and that’s putting it lightly.

While some families end up bringing drama to their children’s special days, others find a way to put aside any hard feelings to make good memories.

Brittany Peck’s family luckily falls into the latter, as demonstrated on her recent wedding day. Her photographer, Delia D. Blackburn, posted a series of tearjerker photos on Facebook that show Peck’s father, Todd Bachman, leading another man down the aisle. According to Blackburn, Bachman brought his daughter to the aisle and then stopped everyone as he walked over to her stepdad.

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“Todd reached out his hand and grabbed Brittany’s stepfather and pulled him down the aisle to walk their daughter down the aisle together,” she wrote, adding that there wasn’t “a dry eye” at the ceremony.

father and stepfather come together for daughter's wedding
Image: Delia D. Blackburn Photography/Facebook

Blackburn also told BuzzFeed News that there had been “tension” between the men, so no one was really sure what was going to happen. Bachman told the stepfather that he needed to participate in giving her away because “you helped raise her.”

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The bride was clearly happy, too, as shown in the photos.

The now-viral photos are making the newlyweds happy because “[t]hey are happy that their message is getting out for parents and stepparents [to get] along for the sake of their kids,” Bachman added to BuzzFeed.

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Most importantly, Bachman wrote on Facebook that families “are what we make them” and that families should “make it about your kids” and not your ego. “Congratulations Todd Bachman on showing your kids what true love really is… love for your children.”

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