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Irish dating show has the cruellest twist ever but there’s a silver lining


Pioc do Ride (Pick Your Ride) is an Irish-speaking dating show in which the participant chooses a date based solely on the car they drive. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it gets worse.

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In this particular episode Corey Hanna from Derry picked Liam, who she hoped was the man of her dreams, only to discover that he had the final decision: €250 (£184) to spend on a date with her or on an Advance Pitstop car voucher.

Liam picked the car voucher.

However Irish viewers thought the twist was so cruel that they are raising money for her via GoFundMe.

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The funding campaign was started by Duke O’Smiley and aims to raise €250 so that Hanna can spoil herself and get a little bit of justice.

“Anyone who saw Pioc Do Ride saw the cruelst [sic] twist in any dating show in history. Corey, we want you to get your own €250 voucher,” the description reads.

Adding, “Justice must be done!”

As of right now the campaign has managed to gather €115 for Hanna — and that’s already enough for her to buy a new frock and indulge in a delicious meal alone (because who needs men like Liam anyway?).

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Speaking to, O’Smiley revealed that the campaign started out as a bit of fun but it’s now taken a serious turn.

“To be honest, myself and my mates just thought it was good craic and that she deserved a voucher of her own for being such a good sport,” he told the publication. “I didn’t think people would actually donate though! I’ve contacted Corey on Twitter and Ireland’s a small place so I’ll get her the cash whether we hit the 250 or not.”

Most dating shows can be brutal, because ultimately everyone is judged at face value, but this may be one of the worst we’ve seen.

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