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Mean girl wedding guest uses social media to bash her friend’s wedding live

If you’re having a bad time at a wedding, chances are you’ll make some off-color comments about it with friends. However, most polite people opt to wait until after the wedding to do this, out of respect for whoever’s getting married.

Juli “Bun Bun,” a beauty blogger from Singapore, is not a polite person, thus she felt no shame in not only criticizing her husband’s friend’s wedding while it was happening but also live-blogging it to her many fans. And she held absolutely nothing back — everything from the bride’s bouquet to the reception food to the arrangement of the chairs at the ceremony was fair game.

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She started by criticizing the decorations on the bride and groom’s car, which were a couple of cute stuffed animals strapped to the hood along with peach-colored ribbon. Her husband sent pictures of it to her since she wasn’t there to see it, and Juli launched into a diatribe about how she couldn’t believe the couple spent $300 on the subpar accoutrements. She even had the nerve to preface her comments with, “If that’s the couple’s choice of colors and they think it looks nice, we mustn’t judge.” How ironic coming from the most judgmental guest in attendance!

Things only got more scathing from there. She revealed an embarrassing situation where the groom got locked out of his own room by accident, and relayed a private fight between the bride’s parents over the seating. Then she went to town on the bride’s wedding dress.

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“The bride was struggling with her gown the whole time. She’s short like me, but she was drowning in her gown coz her bridal shop didn’t alter the length for her. I don’t know if she didn’t mind, or they didn’t bother, or they refused to.” She went on to call the bride’s hairstyle “crowded with a tiara,” and tore apart pretty much every other aspect of her no doubt carefully constructed look for the day.

But criticizing everything was only part of what made her such an awful guest. After she got tired of making snarky comments, she decided to show her fans what a “real” wedding looks like. She started sharing pictures from her own wedding, comparing her bouquet to the current bride’s, which she described using a crying emoji.

Oh, and in case you didn’t already realize how conceited this woman is, she casually mentioned that people were staring at her more than the bride when the bridal car drove on-site. Perhaps she didn’t get enough attention during her own wedding?

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At the end of the day, nothing was safe from this blogger — not the food, not the MC choice. She even found fault with the lack of speeches, through which most people would be thrilled to not have to sit. She tried to qualify the whole brutal review by saying, “I don’t think the couple didn’t make the effort, rather, they didn’t get a good deal and the quality is bad.” That’s essentially saying, “It’s not that they didn’t try, it’s just that they made terrible, expensive choices.”

Fortunately many of her fans called out her blog post for being too cruel. As a result, Juli made her first smart decision throughout this entire live-blogging ordeal — she took it off her site.

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