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15 Dating disaster stories that will make you cringe


Dating is supposed to fun, romantic and love-story-like, right?

Recently I conducted an independent survey investigating the worst dating experiences of 127 women from 11 different countries. Here are 15 hand-picked, unforgivably cringeworthy favorites guaranteed to make you glad you’re no longer in the dating game. And if you are still single and trying your luck at 2015’s version of “courtship,” next time you go on a bad date, try to see the comedic side of your experience.

  1. I met a guy at a club. He was wearing nice, normal clothes. We talked for hours, and he asked to meet up the next week for dinner. I waited in the city for him. He was 10 minutes late, without any message or apology. He was wearing ridiculous clothes… and he walked with a pretend limp. I was quite embarrassed, but walked with him anyway. He told me he wanted to have children with the next girl he meets. Ugh. Then he took me to a food court for dinner — and wanted me to pay for my own food. I said I wasn’t interested anymore, as he wasn’t even making an effort, so I left quickly. (31-40, Australia)
  2. The guy who arrived was not the same guy shown in the online profile — or even the same one I had been talking to on the phone. I don’t think he was even 18. Thank God the movie was PG.
  3. A guy literally said he hated me, then asked to have sex with me. (31-40, Australia)
  4. My date announced he had never used cutlery, and asked the waiter to prepare his meal in sandwich form. I was highly embarrassed and ended up leaving the restaurant (31-40, Australia)
  5. We went to the movies. He was ashamed to sit by me because I was fat, so he sat somewhere else. The sad thing is, it wasn’t even a blind date. I’ve known him for years, and he asked me out. (31-40, USA)
  6. I’d been talking to one guy for a long time. He said he would love to cuddle and give me a full-body massage. I went to see him after I got off work at midnight. He didn’t know how to give a massage, his kissing was messy and I had to ask him to slow down and let me get my breath. I left and told him it wasn’t going to work.(31-40, USA)
  7. One guy tried to get me to have sex with him on the floor of his fruit shop. It was our second — and last — date. (41-50, Australia)
  8. One guy told me that getting my master’s degree was cute, but a waste of money considering that I would only end up at home popping out kids and never properly work. (31-40, Australia)
  9. Ummm… my date brought his entire family. It was pretty embarrassing. (14-17, Sweden)
  10. I met up with someone on Tinder. He was older than he appeared in photos, and we were on completely different wavelengths. He spent 10 minutes telling me about all the times his 7-year-old daughter had vomited recently. He was just a complete daggy dad. (26-30, Australia)
  11. The guy I was dating told me if I ate less and went to the gym more I would be much better looking. (18-25, UK)
  12. I was asked to a house party that turned out to be his four female roommates and friend siting around in a circle. One was knitting, there were five cats and the beverage of choice was tea. (31-40, Australia)
  13. On our first date, one guy asked me to meet him in front of a luxurious restaurant. I wore a formal dress, and the guy came in shorts and a T-shirt! He said he just suggested the restaurant as a meet-up spot, and he took me to the cheap side-street cafe. (26-30, Australia)
  14. Some guy asked me to call him Daddy. (18-25, Australia)
  15. I had to put away my date’s penis. He was so drunk he had left it out after urinating. (31-40, UK)

Think you have an even better worst date story? Share it with us in the comments below!

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