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Hilarious video calls out women who wear ‘activewear’ to sit (WATCH)

There is a huge problem in this world, and I think we all know what it is: Women who wear activewear without working out. It’s rampant. In school drop-off lines. In grocery stores. In movie theaters and beyond. Strap on your $100 pair of yoga pants and… sit. And sit. And sit.

A hilarious Australian video addresses this vexing issue in totally hilarious style. Be warned: “In my activewear” will be stuck in your head for days. See below: 

Hilarious, right? Look, I am a busy mom of three. I often stay in my yoga or running outfit for half the day and I certainly understand how hard it can be to actually get up and get dressed first thing when you are juggling your kids as well.

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I also spend a lot on my workout clothing. In fact, some of my most expensive shirts come courtesy of Lululemon. So I get it. I do. Activewear is comfortable, easy to pull on and a notch above sweatpants. But also: I work out. Religiously. Daily. Constantly. Hence, the term “activewear.” I sweat in those clothes. I walk my children to school red-faced and sweaty, often having just returned from a run.

So, when I see women out and about, in town, lattes in hand, nary a hair out of place, I have to admit that I wonder: Were they at the gym, too?

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OK, so yes: It’s judgmental. And honestly, to each their own. But it does feel a little like posing or jumping in on a “trend” without purpose when women wear their full-on cute workout wear… to get a drink with friends.

If the trend were encouraging more women to work out, then I would be on board. And they say once you put on your clothing, you are that much more likely to hit the pavement. So, hey. If it motivates you and you feel a little better than wearing sweats in public, then by all means, carry on. On the other hand, you have to actually work out to make it count. Even a walk counts!

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