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Man’s airplane proposal proves true love can happen at any age (VIDEO)

It was a Thursday. The week was winding down, and I had just finished a long work day. I was itching to celebrate #TGIT, but instead I was boarding a plane to Kentucky.

As I headed to my seat in the second row (first class, because I have friends who like to spoil me), I noticed an adorable older couple sitting in the first row. There was something about them; I immediately wanted to tell them a love like theirs was inspiring and worth searching for. Luckily, I quickly realized that might be weird. I was tired, probably not thinking straight, possibly starting to get unnecessarily emotional… maybe I’d just tweet something about them: 

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As I cozied into my large cushioned seat with plenty of leg room (now I’m just rubbing it in), I saw the older man stand and have a chat with the flight attendants. “That’s interesting,” I thought.

He sat back down, and being the nosy journalist that I am, I overheard him say: 

No. That was too cute. I wanted to remember that forever. I mean, yes, we were only flying to Kentucky. Adventure? Not in my book… but he was being so darn romantic. My mind started to race. “I would be suspicious he was up to something,” I thought. Then again, I am waiting for my man to pop the big one, so maybe I was just projecting? My mind’s speculation didn’t stop.

“Are they married? Are they dating? Did they meet on Are they childhood sweethearts who fell in love playing Red Rover on the playground, lost touch and found each other years after being apart?” Clearly I was spinning into another fantasy world authored by Nicholas Sparks. But that feeling I had when I first saw them was still there: There was something special, something different about them.

Some time passed. The plane got louder, and I was forced to stop eavesdropping. Then, all of the sudden, an attendant came over the intercom:

Well, that never happens. A package? For Sarah? It couldn’t be… No, what are the chances… and then: 

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Oh my gosh. Was I right? Was something magical and spectacular literally about to take place between this couple I had been (admittedly) obsessing about?

The flight attendants walked out: two Champagne glasses, strawberries and chocolates in hand. I grabbed my phone from my lap just as the man stood up: 

She said, “Yes!” The plane erupted in cheers as Sarah and her new fiancé embraced, celebrating their first few moments as an engaged couple.

The moment was so sweet. Two people had found each other and fallen in love, and age made no difference.

Leaving the plane with a full heart, I told my mom to watch the video. My parents got separated seven years ago, and ever since then she’s refused to date, claiming she couldn’t find another true love at her age. A few minutes later she called me and quietly said, “I hope that happens for me one day.”

And there it was. With one short 20-second video, my mom had found a little faith that true love can happen at any age. And even if you lose one happily ever after, another one can find you.

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Congratulations to the beautiful couple whose love has already moved so many people. Wishing you many happy years to come!

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