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7-Eleven wants to help you get lucky with odd new delivery service

Waiting for your date but out of all the essentials? 7-Eleven wants to help.

The company just announced the rollout of a service where stores will deliver a Date Night package right to your door — all for $20 (plus a $2 service fee).

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So, what’s inside? A three-pack of Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms and a pack of Trident gum, of course. The rest, though, is a head-scratcher: Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, a Hershey’s chocolate bar and a can of Red Bull. I suppose the Red Bull can help gear you up for the fun night ahead, but I usually save the chocolate bar and pint of ice cream for breakups, not a pre-date snack.

Maybe you can share the ice cream and chocolate bar as a post-sex snack? Sounds pretty great, actually.

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Those aren’t the only packages 7-Eleven has pre-made for you. The $20 Sniffles Pack includes everything you need to get over a cold, like a 20-ounce Orange Gatorade and 7-Eleven-brand allergy relief, cold and flu relief, ibuprofen and tissues. There’s also a $20 Gameday Pack and a $9.75 Endurance Pack featuring energy drinks to help you pull that all-nighter (maybe for that aforementioned date?).

A quick suggestion to 7-Eleven: Don’t stop with date night. Why not introduce the “I Forgot Valentine’s Day Pack” that includes a card, roses, chocolates and a small plush teddy bear. Or how about a “Staying Over at His Apartment for the First Time” set that includes all of the essentials needed to freshen up after the previous night’s festivities, like a toothbrush, deodorant and some hairspray? The opportunities are really endless.

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But until 7-Eleven asks for my help, you’ll have to either buy one of their pre-made packages or create your own. The service is currently only available in Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan and Brooklyn via the DoorDash website and you can’t get Slurpees or alcohol delivered, but the company is hoping to roll it out to more cities in the future.

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