Grandparents pose for epic photobooth session at wedding (PHOTO)

You can usually find the grandparents of the bride and groom looking formal and proud in wedding photos. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a couple who are willing to let loose a little, and pull some funny faces during group photo moments.

However, very few people can boast grandparents as cool as these six who posed hilariously in the photo booth with their four friends at their grandson’s wedding. The wedding took place in Nashville, which already implies a rowdy time. But no one expected the grandparents would steal the show by taking the most epic group wedding photo of all time.

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Odds are you’ve come in contact with a photo booth or screen where you can grab funny hats, glasses, boas, etc, and pose for the camera. This side attraction is usually popular with the younger crowd who enjoyed doing similar schtick at sweet 16s and bar and bat mitzvahs. While parents sometimes jump in there (usually posing dorkily), it’s rare to see grandparents take it upon themselves to try it out.

That’s what made this moment so special. The photographers at the wedding said their awesome poses just came naturally. “We encourage our guests to take multiple fun photos in the photo booth,” said photographer Teale Hunter to the Huffington Post. “So after a formal-looking photo, Justin encouraged them to do whatever they feel, and Grandma chose this pose.”

Image: Teale Photography

It doesn’t get more epic than that. After the photographer took the photo, the groom’s grandmother (the one giving the middle finger) told him to show the bride. He did as he was told (seriously, who would cross that ballsy lady?), and she and her bridesmaids could not stop laughing.

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A friend of the bride and groom, Michael Riddering, saw the photo, and immediately posted it on Reddit. From there, it quickly went viral, collecting over 2.5 million hits on Imgur in a matter of days. The funniest part about that is that the grandparents and their friends have no concept of what “going viral” means. However, the friends of their grandchildren said that they were pretty excited to hear about all the attention.

William Weiss, who’s dating the groom’s sister told Huffington Post that the grandparents are actually nothing like what you see in the photo, but that’s what makes it particularly special. That night, all bets were off. According to Weiss, the groom’s grandmother (the middle finger giver) had already been kicking her heels up on the dance floor. He told the Daily Mail, “She was out there dancing the entire night, and she was loving dancing with the groomsmen.”

You go, awesome grandma. If you can’t go nuts at your grandson’s wedding, when can you?

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