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Amber Rose shows us the ‘walk of shame’ isn’t so shameful anymore (VIDEO)

The notion that women should feel shame walking home after a night of wild sex with someone who’s not a steady boyfriend is absurd.

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Of course, you should always embrace the awesome night you just had, and wear that sweet, booty-hugging dress like a badge of honor. Model and hip hop artist Amber Rose feels the same way, which is why she stars in this hilarious, yet pointed Funny or Die video called “The Walk of No Shame.”

Amber comes out of a Pleasantville-style house wearing a skin-tight leather-looking dress that shows off her body gloriously. Right away she comes face to face with a milk man — a classic indicator of a “nice” neighborhood from the 1950s, aka the polar opposite of Amber in this moment.

While we instinctually brace ourselves for that judgmental comment, because this is Funny or Die, something different happens. Instead of shaming her, this chipper milk man says, “It looks to me like you had sex last night… sounds like you’re living your best life!” That’s right she is, and she’s going to milk it for all it’s worth (see what I did there?)!

Obviously, the “walk of shame” has a stigma surrounding it that’s totally unnecessary and the best way to change a stigma is to call it out and make it look dumb. Those friendly construction workers catcalled it succinctly, “I think we can all agree, having sex is fun,” so why knock someone down who’s just had it?

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It finally escalates to the mayor chasing her down and handing her a key to the city for her confidence in the choices she makes and celebrating her body. That’s about as positive an affirmation as you can get!

However, the best part of the whole thing is the punchline — Amber’s one night stand turns out to have been with none other than Orange is the New Black and Scandal’s Matt McGorry. When he chases her down and tells her she forgot to leave her number, her reply makes the whole thing. “No, I didn’t.” She says, and walks away into the day. Boom, Matt McGorry! Now it looks like you’re doing the walk of shame, or better yet, the walk of rejection, back to your house.

Just kidding, Matt McGorry. I know you’ve always been a true, supportive feminist, even when you were just a little kid doing magic tricks at clown shows (true story).

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