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Men have dream weddings and this video explains it all

It’s pretty common to hear women talking about their dream weddings, even if they’re nowhere near engaged. The style, the dress, the flowers on the big day — all these things are fun to think about in the abstract.

So why do we assume only girls obsess over it? Isn’t that rather sexist of us? While generally guys don’t grab a pint and chat about the latest episode of Say Yes to the Dress and how they’d never want their lady to go ballgown at their wedding, that doesn’t mean they haven’t thought about other details.

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Guys often resign themselves to being silent partners during the wedding planning process. Perhaps that’s simply because it’s traditionally been in the hands of the bride and her mother, and guys are afraid of interfering. Or because wedding planning isn’t exactly considered masculine. Regardless of the reason, men should not feel tethered to these misogynistic stigmas of the past. They should feel free to put their foot down about wanting red velvet for their wedding cake or not wanting their groomsmen to wear matching ties.

BuzzFeed decided to delve into this issue on camera with some of its dude volunteers. These guys full-on admit they’ve been dreaming about their wedding day, and have some surprisingly specific ideas on the details surrounding it.

I love how detail-obsessed the first guy is — makes me feel slightly less crazy about my wedding inspiration Pinterest page. I too would jump at the chance to have a teacup pig for a ring bearer, although it might be difficult to get him to walk straight down the aisle, especially after a glass of Champagne.

It makes sense to me that there’d be a consensus that the food’s a really important part. Not going to lie, it’s the thing that’s stressing me out most in my current wedding planning. While I don’t think I’d go as far down the casual road as BYOB potluck, I like the idea of the food being a shared, family-style thing.

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Not surprisingly, music seems to play a major role in all these dudes’ wedding fantasies. My fiancé and I have very eclectic tastes, so the music is definitely proving to be a trickier factor. However, if it were up to him, it would be Motown and funk all the way.

It’s great to hear that it’s important to guys what they wear on the big day. I personally love the guy who says, “If I’m going to roll out and get married, I’m going to be as swagged out as possible.” Amen, brother. Amen.

However, if my wedding dreams were most inline with any of these dudes, it would be the tall one who wants open bar and pinball. Yes, I’d probably like some flowers and food as well, but let’s face it, what says romance better than playing drunk pinball?

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