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People reveal their ‘ghosting’ experiences in candid video (WATCH)

Most of us have heard of the term “ghosting.” It’s used to describe what happens when someone suddenly cuts off all communication with you. We’ve even read about celebs doing it to one another — Charlize Theron and Sean Penn’s breakup is the perfect example — but what about when it happens to the rest of us?

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Essence Live decided to make a video asking men and women about their experiences with ghosting — and the responses were both honest and hilarious.

The truth about dating term ghosting revealed in honest video

“One of the best ways to ghost somebody is, when they call you, you give a one-word answer: ‘Would you like to go out later?’ ‘Maybe.'”

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Video reveals the truth about dating term "ghosting"

“I see you liking pictures on Instagram. I see you liking things on Facebook. So I know that you’re not busy.”

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But how can you avoid being ghosted?

Video shows people's personal experiences with ghosting

“You’ve got to pre-empt the ghostness. So before you ghost me, if I see a shadow of a ghost, I ghost you.”

Ghosting is a pretty heartless way to end a relationship and cut all ties with someone, but it’s becoming more and more popular because of modern dating and social media apps. A survey conducted by YouGov/Huffington Post shows that out of 1,000 American adults interviewed between Oct. 23 and Oct. 26, 2014, just over 10 per cent have ghosted someone to break up with them — could Canada’s statistics be far behind?

Have you ever ghosted someone? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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