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People reveal what they really think about online dating apps (WATCH)

When it comes to online dating, are Australians swiping left or right?

The Huffington Post Australia wanted to find the answer to that question and set out to find people’s true feelings about online dating apps — and they’re pretty surprising.

While some people give online dating apps the green light, others give it a massive thumbs down and believe it is to blame for the downfall of Western civilisation. Okay, not quite, but some do think that online dating apps are destroying the “natural” order of dating, whereby you randomly meet someone and connect. Below are some of the responses from those interviewed.

Australians reveal what they think of online dating apps

“I think it stops the way that things should happen naturally. So just meeting someone, somewhere in the park or in the street for that [online dating] stops that.”

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Australians reveal what they think of online dating apps

“I reckon if it’s for you, go for it, you know? Go for it.”

And the older generation has weighed in on it, too.

What do Australians really think about online dating?

“Well I can’t talk because I didn’t like my husband when I met him. It was only when I found the inner man that I really began to love him.”

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Tinder is incredibly popular in Australia and, since its launch, it has grown exponentially, with men and women using the app at a 50/50 gender split.

And, apparently, “even the apps with names that suggest they’re explicitly for hook-ups — such as F-Buddy” are proving popular.

In 2014, Choice compiled a comprehensive list of the number of users for each major dating app, including:

  • RSVP — 2 million Australian members
  • eHarmony — over 1 million members
  • Oasis Active — around 1.6 million Australian members
  • Tinder — Australia is the app’s third largest market behind the United States and the United Kingdom

Are you for or against online dating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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