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‘Drunk history’ lets couple tell hilarious tale of how they met (VIDEO)

Weddings can be a drag, especially the cookie cutter ones. This is why it’s always wonderful when couples think outside the box and do something unique and original to them. That’s why Justin and Jill’s Drunken History video is the best thing to ever happen to a wedding. If only we’d been there.

Justin and Jill are a ridiculously good looking couple who have quite a sweet story of hits and misses and meeting and flirting. But overall, the story isn’t entirely atypical. It’s the WAY they tell it that makes it so amazing. See below:

How much do you love these two?

OK, so they have some showbiz experience. Justin is Justin Willman, a successful magician and comedian and he married Jillian Sipkins, a photographer who is used to capturing stars. So the two naturally know how to make a video. But even given those facts, this video is pretty spectacular. It’s both hilarious loving, sweet and sassy. It also has a lot of f-bombs so keep that volume down!

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Their first meeting was a “star-studded” Hilarity for Charity event. Jill was working. So was Justin (on stage). They re-met at another event, but it was Instagram that brought them together officially (natch). The couple showed the video at a rehearsal dinner on Sept. 5 and then got married on the 6th. So sweet.

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We all want to personalize our wedding. We all want things to be special and all us. They succeeded. I only wish I’d been invited. Word on the street is that Justin levitated, too. JEALOUS!

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