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Groom to dress as a Ninja Turtle on wedding day thanks to 100K retweets

Many women dream of their wedding day from the time they are young. The dress we’ll wear, the man we’ll marry… We shamelessly binge on Say Yes to the Dress and browse through piles of bridal magazines, planning that special day to meet our every fairy tale fantasy. When it comes to men, however, we could probably send them a save the date, and they’d be happy as a clam. Once in a while, though, we’ll come across a groom who has a dream of his own that’s a little, well, out there.

Nic Vargus had one request for the day he’d wed fiancée Lindsey: to do so dressed as a Ninja Turtle. Challenging this silly idea, Lindsey agreed on one condition: Her husband-to-be would have to announce his plan over Twitter and score 100K retweets showing the general public’s support.

The 2002 romantic comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding had us believe that while a man may be the head of the family, the woman is the neck who can turn the head any way she pleases. Clearly Maria Portokalos’ husband never had the Internet on his side, because these days, who can compete with digi-likes?

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On Aug. 26, Vargus took to Twitter, asking for the World Wide Web’s blessing.


With 126K retweets and 25K favorites to date, Vargus will be in true scaly ninja form on his wedding day. As for Lindsey, she’s all in favor and Vargus will letting her choose the crime-fighting reptile of choice. Team Leonardo for sure, Linds.
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For my sibling’s wedding, my brother’s and his in-laws’ requests, if any, were minor: food, drinks, limo. When asked if there had been anything significant my brother wanted for his wedding day, he replied, “Not really. Just that everything went as planned without any complications.” Shout-out to this bride-to-be for being thrown a curveball but playing fair. As for my future groom, I support your hopes and dreams, but please wear a tux.

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