A love letter on money brings star-crossed lovers back together

Occasionally the world is witness to a truly epic love story that puts all the dating app and casual hookups to shame. This particular story embodies that and more, even though the lovers don’t end up together at the end.

It begins like something out of another era. A woman whom her musician ex-lover called Megan (even though that’s not really her name) wrote a special message on a €20 note for him to find. They had dated for a year, then separated, but later she had tried to find him at one of his gigs. While she was unable to, she decided to scribble a note for him on the money she used to get into the club. The note was simple but perfect: “Christy, It’s always been you! Come find me — Megan X.”

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In an age when we rely on boring, noncommittal text messages to meet up with lovers, I can’t think of anything more romantic and genuine than this. Megan thought the note would reach Christy that night, but sadly, it instead did what most money does — moved fluidly from one stranger’s hands to another’s. However, it happened to land in the pocket of one like-minded romantic, Denise O’Reilly, who was so taken by the love note that she simply had to help reunite the separated lovers.

So she did the best thing she could think to do without knowing where or when the note was written: She posted a picture of it on Facebook in hopes that the message would go viral and somehow reach them.

Naturally the unique and heartfelt expression of love did indeed go viral. So far it’s been shared over 16,000 times and has over 3,000 likes. Soon enough, the message reached Christy Leech, the musician Megan was asking so romantically to come find her. If only social media had been around when the movie Serendipity came out — those two crazy kids would’ve found each other in no time!

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However, Leech replied to O’Reilly’s post in a cryptically mundane way, which did not bode well for the awesomely romantic reunion for which those who shared the message were probably hoping. He said, “Hey, just quick update: I’ve been in touch with Megan and it’s all good. Thanks so much for posting.”

“All good”? What in the world does that mean? Well, according to Today FM, who contacted Leech for more information, it’s not the kind of “all good” you’d expect after such a wonderful note.

Leech told them in an email, “After I saw the €20 note on a Facebook post, I called her. She told me she had written it on a [bill] she used to pay [to get] into one of my gigs about 6 months ago. I didn’t know she was there. She told me she thought I’d get the cash directly, but I obviously didn’t. She took it that I didn’t want to talk.” Apparently the woman Leech calls Megan (because he’d misheard her name when they first met, and the inaccurate name just stuck) was indeed trying to find him to get back together. However, since he never got the message and didn’t see her at his gig, he never knew, so she assumed he didn’t feel the same, and moved on to someone else. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go have a quick cry in the bathroom.

OK, sorry about that. While I know this sounds totally heartbreaking, I think there’s still a chance for these two now that the Internet’s brought them back into each other’s lives. After all, you wouldn’t write a note like that for just anyone, right? Do yourself a favor, Megan. Ditch the rebound, and go back to the smoking-hot love-of-your-life musician. Your heart (and the Internet) will thank you.

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