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Lululemon will start selling pants based on how they feel

How do you want to feel when you wear yoga pants? Lululemon wants to know.

The company turned yoga pants from workout-only attire to an all-day, every-day essential — and now the lifestyle brand is out to change how you shop for your leggings, again.

The company says that it’s all-new approach to activewear will allow shoppers to pick from five categories of “sensations” that include relaxed, naked, held-in, hugged and tight. The idea is to pick the best feel for the activity you want to do (like CrossFit or yoga).

According to a press release, the new “feel first” pant wall combines their sports psychology and compression science with their design in order to create pants that fit into the five sensations, with relaxed being the lowest compression, to tight being the highest. All pants on sale in the store will fit in one of the aforementioned categories. The brand will also introduce four new pant styles to adorn their infamous pant wall and it’s new theme.

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Having options when it comes to gear is definitely a plus. I like a tighter compression when I’m practicing yoga or weightlifting, but want a not-so-tight pant when I’m doing a marathon… of watching Netflix. The idea here is that you worry less about choosing a size in order to get the right fit. Instead you choose a fit and the size should be consistent across all styles.

Surely, we’ll have still have to worry about size a little, no matter if the pant is designed to be loose or tight. And though the company has done a lot to change its reputation from fat-shamers to all-inclusive, it’s still a question whether the pants will be opaque after a certain size — and whether or not all sizes in store will be squat-proof.

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Lululemon is known for its high price tags, but so many exercise aficionados still stand by the quality despite the size and price critics. Luckily, the new sensation-centric approach will roll out to stores today, so devout Lulu fans don’t have long to wait to shop the new looks.

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