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Young people are more open to bisexuality than ever before


When it comes to our sexuality, it is pretty well established that most of us are not simply straight or gay. There is a scale. And the grand majority of us fall somewhere on that spectrum. But until recently, few people would admit to it.

But a new study may change all that. According to a YouGov survey, about 31 percent of young people now claim some form of bisexuality. That is one-third of people. Pretty amazing numbers, right?

They were rated on the Kinsey scale, which was invented by sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. It basically rates people as exclusively heterosexual at 0 through to exclusively homosexual at 6.

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About 78 percent of Americans consider themselves completely heterosexual, while 4 percent say they are completely homosexual, and 16 percent of American adults say they fall somewhere in between.

The interesting thing is that about 66 percent of under-30s say the same. About 29 percent identify as bisexual. Is this a sign of changing times? I say yes.

I am not a scientist and have not done extensive study on the matter. But that said, I very much see a changing tide when it comes to sex and sexuality. And it’s not just in terms of people self-identifying as bisexual. There is a real change in terms of the way people view sexuality, period. Not only is it more acceptable to be bisexual or gay, but it is also more socially acceptable to experiment that way once in a while. Sexuality is seen as more fluid, and that can only be a good thing.

It’s an eye-opening look at how much of our sexuality is informed not only by our own natural proclivities but also in terms of what society deems acceptable. There have likely been generations of people denying the urge to experiment or play or act on feelings they may have had out of fear. This is not to say there isn’t a biological component. Of course there is. We are born with our sexuality. It is part of our biological makeup. On the other hand, fear holds those of us who might fall somewhere in the middle of the scale back.

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This is a very positive thing. Maybe in the future, it will be even easier for younger people to explore their sexuality and where they fall.

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