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Gay couple have 10 ‘brides’ at their wedding


If there’s one thing that tends to be missing from the wedding of two gay men it’s a big white dress. Welsh grooms Deri Roger, 28, and Ben Wood, 25, solved that problem by dressing all of their bridesmaids in white gowns.

And we’re not talking about just two or three bridesmaids — the couple had no less than 10 “brides” by their side on their big day, each of them wearing a fabulous wedding dress they had picked out themselves, reported WalesOnline.

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“You could say the girls stole the lime light (sic) but we wouldn’t have had it any other way,” said Deri.

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“We had lots of ideas for the wedding from the girls — but I wanted something outrageous,” the newlywed continued. “Being a gay wedding we weren’t going to have an amazing gown reveal like at other big weddings. I figured every wedding needs a wedding dress — so why not 10?”

Each bridesmaid scoured online boutiques and eBay for a unique dress for Deri and Ben’s ceremony at the Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel, near Usk. Their best “man” Sadie — who introduced the couple in 2013 —wore a £500 strapless diamanté encrusted gown.

The “brides” look amazing but can you imagine what it was like behind the scenes? Deri admits that the experience was a little testing: “The girls all have huge personalities and so there was terrible competition, dress disasters and fall outs (sic) but on the day they all looked fab.”

Still what’s a wedding without one, two, three or 10 bridezillas?

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Clearly Deri and Ben know how to do weddings. Aside from their show-stopping wedding party, they had an LED dance floor, a chocolate fountain, a candy floss cart, three photographers and a £400 cake at their nuptials.

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