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‘Rough’ mammogram busts woman’s breast implant

Getting a mammogram is a “rite of passage” for all women 40 and above. Even though it is something we all must do and we know this is for our health, it is still something we dread. And for good reason, apparently. In fact, a mom in New York is saying her mammogram was so rough, it ruptured one of her breast implants.

The mom of two who wants to remain anonymous, told the New York Post that got the saline implants seven years ago to improve her appearance. Through that time, she continued to get yearly mammograms. But this past time, she said, “I left there thinking, ‘Wow, it never hurt like this before.’”

Replacing the implants will cost $9,000 and she wants the hospital that did her mammogram to pay. It is a rare complication, but implants are simply not designed to last forever, Dr. Adam Kolker, a Manhattan doctor who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, told the Post.

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Typically they last about a decade, though “Something a little more traumatic may speed it up,” Kolker said. I guess this qualifies.

Though this is a painful story and one that should give women pause, I would hope the pause would be less on getting the mammogram and more on getting the implants in the first place. There is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery in and of itself, but if it became the reason a woman didn’t take care of her real health, then it would be wrong and unhealthy.

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As the daughter of a woman who died of breast cancer, take my word for it: You would rather have small, healthy breasts than die of this horrible disease. I understand the need to improve your appearance, but come on. If you still must have implants, recognize the risk and get the mammograms anyway. Our lives may depend on it.

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