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Groom’s wedding dance crushed it to Bruno Mars, Britney Spears and more (VIDEO)

Sometimes, there’s a wedding video so fantastic it blows all the others (in recent memory at least) out of the water. This one, which features a professional dancer groom dancing an eight minute-long, perfectly choreographed dance with his eight groomsmen is that video.

And it’s not like we haven’t seen some truly spectacular wedding videos this summer already. There was the one where the two bridesmaids did the greatest (and funniest) song medley of all time. Then we saw a bride and groom have an epic dance-off with their respective bridal parties as back-up dancers. However, while there’s a heck of a lot of enthusiasm behind these two, when you put them up against a bunch of hot, pro dancer guys who live to perform choreographed numbers, there’s really no contest.

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… I’m so sorry, I must’ve passed out from excitement. I know the video’s eight minutes long, but I definitely watched it at least six times… you know, so I could properly report on it to you. It starts off with one of my all-time favorite dance songs, “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, and right off the bat, those guys are killing it. I can’t even talk about the groom’s awesome backbend move at the top. If women still swooned, that bride would’ve been on the floor by minute one.

Surprisingly, only half the groomsmen are professional dancers! The other half are just super obliging family and friends of the bride and groom. Bride, and fellow pro dancer, Valerie Tellman-Henning told Richmond Times-Dispatch, “My brother has two left feet and only had one rehearsal before the wedding.” I’d say he’s the most impressive of the bunch, because it is not easy to pick him out.

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According to the bride, she had practically begged her now husband to do a dance for the wedding, but his answer totally threw her. “I told him early on in the wedding planning process, ‘Well, I hope you’re working on your groomsmen dance for me. But he was so busy with touring and school, he said, ‘Valerie, it’s just not going to happen.'” However, like the pro that he is, Kirk Henning secretly planned an insanely well-choreographed dance number a good four months in advance of the day. I mean, how could he not? The couple’s reception was on the stage at Richmond Centerstage — it was practically screaming for a show.

The moment they whipped out sunglasses, and struck poses for “Highway to the Danger Zone” from Top Gun, I sent the video to my fiancé with the message “challenge extended.” You took tap in high school, right honey?

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