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Husband who cheated on wife starts new life with her maid of honor


This is one of those stories that sounds as sensational as a soap opera. However, the reality of the situation is a terribly sad, unfortunate reality. This woman’s best friend and maid of honor at her wedding betrayed her for years with the father of her children.

Claire Hitchen and Louise Reid had been best friends since they were toddlers. They went to school together, hung out over holidays and double-dated often with their boyfriends of the moment. As they grew up, they started working together in the same factory, and even began living next door to each other. It’s no surprise that when Hitchen fell in love with Paul Wallis, and he asked her to marry him back in 2002, she immediately asked Louise to be her maid of honor.

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Hitchen told the Daily Mail, “Louise was crying that she was so happy for us, even saying that we were perfect for each other! It was the happiest day of my life and sharing it with Louise made it all the more special.” Little did she know this same woman would end up giving birth to Wallis’ child ten years later.

Hitchen and Wallis’ first two years of marriage went well enough, but when Hitchen became pregnant with their second boy in 2005, everything changed. “Until then, Paul had been the most loving husband a girl could ask for… But when we found out we were having another boy, it was like I’d let him down. He didn’t want me anymore.” It sounds like Wallis has a bit of a Henry the VIII complex, except in reverse, because he wanted a daughter. Regardless, it’s an absurd reason to fall out of love with someone.

He began to grow distant from Hitchen, and began a friendship with Reid, with whom Hitchen’s was still very close. The two started sharing rides to work together, and even Hitchen’s mother noticed there was something too intimate about their friendship. However, when Hitchen confronted Reid, she laughed it off as nothing.

Hitchen decided to let it go, until the first night out she and Wallis had after the birth of their second son. He got fall down drunk, and she was able to get a look at his cell phone, which up until that point, he’d managed to keep away from her. To her dismay, she saw this text from Louise: “Hi babe! What you been up to? I’m home, going to bed now. XX Lou.”

After that, her world started to crumble. She confronted her husband and Reid, but the two denied everything, and explained away the text as a misinterpretation. After a lot of arguing, Hitchen decided to give him one last chance, despite everything, because she still loved him. They decided to take some time and meet a few weeks later to reassess.

However, when that day came, Wallis refused to meet, and instead told his wife he was going for a drink with Reid. “He’d just been stringing me along while he plucked up the courage to finish it for good. Finally it sank in. I’d lost it all — my husband and my best friend.”

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Soon enough, Reid and Wallis became an item, and even had a son together in 2012. However, they’re not married, because Wallis is still married to Hitchen. So why, you may ask, has Hitchen remained married to this man six years after he treated her so terribly? Simply put, getting divorced is expensive, and she hasn’t been able to afford it.

That being said, she has moved on from this traumatizing situation emotionally. She’s been with her current fiancé Danny Astbury for several years now, and even had a son with him back in 2011. The great news is that she’s finally able to afford a divorce from her first husband, so she can officially and legally put that relationship behind her and start a new life with a (hopefully) more loyal life partner.

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