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Woman dumped by text has epic public meltdown (VIDEO)


Getting dumped is hard. Getting dumped by text makes it so much worse, as this young Chinese woman discovered when she realised her relationship was over.

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When the 24-year-old woman received a message from her partner telling her there was no future for them, she had a meltdown in the middle of Hong Kong’s busy Tsim Sha Tsui district, reported The Mirror.

Apparently the distraught woman lay on the ground for over 90 minutes, kicking her legs, screaming and resisting the help of baffled passersby. At one point she did seem to gather herself together and can be seen walking arm in arm with two onlookers.

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However it wasn’t long before she threw herself back on the ground and started screaming again. Eventually police and paramedics were summoned. They took the woman away on a stretcher.

The clip has gone viral because it looks like the tantrum to end all tantrums, but one can’t help but sympathise with her.
Video credit: WorldStories/YouTube

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