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New cure for UTIs will have many women happy indeed

If you have ever had a urinary tract infection, then you know there is almost nothing a woman wouldn’t do to avoid one. The burning, the pain, the dreading of that urge to pee — they are all part of the fun. But now a company says it has something that will make them less likely to crop up.

The company called Uqora has a sugar-free drink mix that may be able to stop UTI’s before they start.

From Techcrunch:

“When you get a UTI, it’s because bacteria gets in the urinary tract and attaches to the wall of the urethra,” Uqora founder Spencer Gordon explains. “The product prevents the bacteria from being able to attach to the wall, so it can’t get inside the cells.”


Since 90 percent of UTIs are caused by sex or any prolonged physical activity that transfers bacteria to the entrance of the urethra (including riding a bike or playing sports in spandex), Uqora recommends drinking one serving within an hour of engaging in these activities.

So yes, it is another thing to think about before having sex. But the fact is, it’s preferable to the pain afterwards. Even worse, a UTI means no sex for a pretty long period of time, so this is better than that, right?

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A UTI is caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract. Women are more susceptible to them and they are very often caused by vigorous or frequent sex since bacteria can be pushed into the urethra that way. As a frequent sufferer myself for years, I have found the best way to avoid them is to pee immediately following intercourse. But others rely on no-sugar-added cranberry juice (the hard core stuff) and blueberry juice. But once a UTI takes hold, you need antibiotics and very strong painkiller. Because ouchie!

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Personally, I know I — and all the frequent sufferers I know — would happily try a drink that would stop UTI’s from starting in the first place. They are no fun. Bring it on!

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