Singer raises cancer awareness by sharing her journey on Instagram

Country singer Catherine Britt was diagnosed with stage 2A invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer earlier this year — and she’s made the brave decision to publicly share her battle with the disease.

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Two weeks ago, Britt shared a picture of herself undergoing her first chemotherapy treatment.

But during the course of the last few months, she has taken to Instagram to document various stages of her illness. The posts include pictures from her hospital bed, updates about undergoing IVF to remove some of her eggs — which she captioned with a sweet message about how she planned “to store away” for future mini-mes — and, most recently, she revealed what it has been like loosing her hair.

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For all the lovely and caring people that are asking about the progress and diagnosis of my health…….the news was not too bad……. Good news is it didn't spread into my lymph nodes!! I've been diagnosed with Stage 2A invasive ductal carsonoma Breast Cancer. And the tumor is grade 3 and 2.3cms so very aggressive and I was lucky to get it out when I did! They are confident they got it all out in the operation as well. The tumor didn't respond to any of the additional therapies like hormonal therapy and others which is disappointing and leaves chemo as my only option with a 10% reoccurrence chance, so a little higher than if I could get the extra therapies. But I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now!! 3-6 months of chemo and then 6 weeks of Radiation and hopefully I'll be done. As far as the "other" cancer scare in my cervix, they think they got it all out in the Lletz procedure and it was also diagnosed as high grade also know as CIN3 but we got that early as well! I'm still a little sore from the surgery but on the mend and feeling pretty good. Thanks for all the love and support its gonna be a rough road ahead but I know I have a lot of love and support behind me and I'll be ok. ❤️😋

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“My hair has been falling out quite rapidly for about two days now, so I thought I’d get a new hair do to ease the pain a little…. I’ve never gone short before but a huge thank you to the generosity and kindness of Steven #tonyandguy in Balmain I’m quite happy with how it turned out, even if it only lasts a couple days!” she captioned the pic of her hair loss.

Three days ago, Britt followed up with another picture, this time showing fans her bald head. Her positivity was evident as she sported a massive grin and even made a little joke.

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I. Am. Bald 😜 #catherinebald-win

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By sharing her deeply personal story with the world, Britt is creating valuable awareness for breast cancer and will hopefully inspire other women to be more mindful of their own health and continue to get checkups. The more awareness and understanding of this disease, the better, and we applaud Catherine Britt for her incredible strength and unwavering positivity during this unimaginably difficult time.


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