This bride-to-be was dumped an hour before her wedding

This former bride-to-be’s story would make for a great movie premise, albeit a sad one initially. Six years ago, she was standing in her white dress an hour before the wedding of her dreams, and her groom called it all off.

I’m sure there are more traumatic things, but as a current bride-to-be, I can’t think of any at the moment. Cyndi Maisonneuve from Toronto, Canada, was 24 years old when her wedding to the “love of her life” was about to commence. The couple had met only a year before at a baseball game, but Maisonneuve said they were head over heels in love from day one. He was a professional golfer, and she felt they had a lot in common besides their obvious attraction. That said, they lived two hours apart, so seeing each other on the regular wasn’t always easy.

Considering the distance and their passion for each other, it makes sense that their relationship went from zero to engaged so quickly. He popped the question six months into their long-distance relationship while on holiday in Hawaii, and they immediately bought a house together and started planning the wedding. While their eagerness was not necessarily indicative of something amiss, you can see how it could’ve pushed up the pressure notch significantly.

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However, according to Maisonneuve, both parties were invested in the wedding and thoughtful of the other’s sentiments. She told Daily Mail, “He wanted to be involved in everything. We decided to have a beach wedding and go back to where it all began in Hawaii. I didn’t want a big family wedding at a golf course because I have a large family and he doesn’t. It was going to be too much about me.”

On the day of the wedding, everything seemed to be going according to plan, and Maisonneuve was surprisingly calm for someone about to be getting married. That is, until her groom-to-be burst into her room in tears and said the thing all brides fear hearing most. “I was standing in my dress, and my veil was in my hair. He just said, ‘I can’t do this.'” I’m not sure if I would’ve passed out, or punched him, or something in between, but it would’ve been ugly.

He actually told her he had asked one of her bridesmaids to break the terrible news to her, but they forced him to do it. She ordered him to leave and spent the rest of the day and following week in Hawaii, in a haze. She was grateful to have her friends and family as a support system, but very little could bring her out of her devastation. She did have a moment of retribution, though, when she called her fiancé a “coward” after bumping into him in a parking lot while still on the island.

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Upon returning to Canada, her ex-fiancé told her he wanted to stay together, just not get married. She, like the smart girl she is, turned him down flat and spent the next few years working, traveling and not speaking to him. Now, six years later, she’s 30, happy and even thankful for the traumatizing experience she had at 24. “I think it’s kind of shaped me to be the woman I am. Every time we’re thrown a curveball, there’s always a lesson to be learned.”

She’s even dating a great guy who she could totally see marrying at some point now that she knows what she wants and deserves. “Now that I’ve figured out what I want, I can be a better girlfriend and hopefully wife at some point. But I definitely won’t be accepting any proposals after six months!”

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