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8 Apps for people with food allergies and intolerances

When you have a food allergy or intolerance going out to eat can be stressful. Narrow down your search and make life more convenient by downloading an app to help you. This selection covers everything from managing your symptoms to going out shopping for food, providing all the assistance you need when following a special diet.

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1. Live Gluten Free

Food allergy and intolerance apps -

Image credit: LiveGlutenFree

This app helps you find places to eat or stay that cater for gluten-free eating, including maps and directions. Its database of products features everything from raw ingredients to ready meals and you’ll also find recipes — you can bookmark and rate your favourites.

2. Food Maestro

Food allergy and intolerance apps -
Image credit: Food Maestro

Use this app when out shopping. Developed in partnership with Guy’s and St. Thomas’ hospital, the app contains detailed information about ingredients in over 100,000 items sold by Waitrose, Asda and Morrisons (with more retailers still to be added). Users can set the app to include all their dietary preferences in a profile. When scanning the barcode of a food item the app detects if allergens are present and determines whether they may affect the user.

3. MySymptoms

Food allergy and intolerance apps -

Image credit: Skygazerlabs

This food and symptom tracker app helps users identify what foods may be causing them problems by recording all food and drink consumed, alongside any medication being taken. Add to this lifestyle factors including stress levels, sleep patterns, energy levels and any symptoms experienced and an integrated algorithm will attempt to check for any patterns between diet and symptoms. You can also export the records as a PDF.

4. Biteappy

Food allergy and intolerance apps -

Image credit: Biteappy

Find restaurants and other eateries that cater for your dietary needs wherever you are in the world. You can add your dietary requirements then search by area, type of cuisine or for allergy-friendly restaurants and establishments that cater for specific diets, such as religious diets or Paleo.

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5. Monash University FODMAP

Food allergy and intolerance apps

Image credit: Monash University

From the research team who created the original concept of the FODMAP diet comes an app to help IBS sufferers who follow this eating plan. It includes information about foods that trigger IBS. This comes in the form of a database listing safety in a traffic light system (red for high FODMAP, orange for moderate and green for safe). Also included are FODMAP-friendly recipes and meal ideas as well as a 7-day challenge to record food and symptoms.


Food allergy and intolerance apps -

Image credit: ALL i CAN EAT

This app lets you search for foods you can eat according to your food intolerances, providing detailed information using a traffic light system. The app matches your intolerances to your searches and provides details of specific amounts of specific ingredients you want to avoid, enabling you to make informed choices about what you can and can’t eat.

7. Food Allergy Translate

Food allergy and intolerance apps -

Image credit: Food Allergy Translate

Wherever you go in the world you can communicate with food service personnel about your dietary needs. This app translates food preferences into 33 different languages to help avoid those awkward situations when trying to order food in another country.

8. The Gluten Free Centre

Apps for food allergy and intolerance sufferers -

Image credit: The Gluten Free Centre

Find shops, restaurants, takeaways and hotels that cater for gluten-free eating. This app contains smaller independent establishments as well as larger chains and includes reviews to help you make informed choices.

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