Woman had baby after hospital mixes up her birth control with a flu shot

Imagine going in for your birth control shot, thinking you were covered for sex, and then getting pregnant anyway only later to find out that what you’d been given wasn’t a shot of Depo-Provera at all, but a flu shot. That is exactly what happened to one woman who is currently suing her hospital for wrongful birth.

Yesenia Pacheco is suing her community clinic after claiming that staff gave her a flu shot instead of her birth control injection. The result, for this mother of three, was an unwanted pregnancy.

Pacheco says she was receiving her Depo-Provera injections every three months at NeighboreCare Health clinic but in September 2011, she was given a flu shot instead of her regular birth control. She was soon pregnant. HEr daughter Sandra was born in 2012 with a brain malformation affecting motor and speech called unilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria.

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It’s hard to imagine being in a position where this happened. And while I am sure there will be people out there who say she is wrong for complaining about the “blessing” of a baby. Babies are a blessing. When they are wanted and planned for and desired. When they are not, they can be a burden, both financial and emotional. Of course, that’s not even the worst of it.

This child was born with special needs, which means the parents will have expenses they never could have anticipated. I have no doubt that they love this little girl every bit as much as they love their other children and no one would suggest a child with special needs should not be here. But there is some financial responsibility that lies with the clinic who promised one thing and delivered another. In every sense of that word.

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I don’t blame her for suing one bit. And I hope she gets her money. We put our trust into our health care providers. We allow them to mess with our hormones and inject us, dose us, and prescribe us medications all to avoid pregnancy. We try to be responsible with our child bearing. And then something like this happens. Babies are wonderful and surprises can be amazing. But not this way. This woman was robbed. I hope she gets some compensation for that.


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