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The tweets about what depression is really like are eye-opening

Depression is something that many of us do not understand, but #TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs hashtag has started a discussion and is creating awareness for mental health.

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Twitter users have been sharing their personal experiences in a candid and eye-opening way: sharing confessions about the damaging things that people say to them, the hardest part of their day, and how depression affects them physically as well as mentally. But perhaps most importantly, these tweets destroy common misconceptions surrounding the illness.

Below are some of the powerful and deeply moving tweets that are helping to create a change.

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There is still a stigma attached to depression, as society tends to brush off those suffering from it by mocking them and asking questions like, “What do you have to be depressed about?” There is also the common myth that depression is a state of mind or a choice.

It’s also not just emotional turmoil. It’s physical pain, too.

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People don’t understand that those suffering from depression are not looking for attention — and it’s deeply insulting, as well as counter-productive, to think that.

Another common trend shown by these tweets is the helplessness that people suffering from depression feel and how they are made to hide their feelings for fear of disappointing those around them.

Hopefully this hashtag is just the start of a greater movement towards better understanding and more empathy shown to people struggling with depression.

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