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‘Sexting’ may be better for relationships than anyone realized

Sexting and all the fallout that can come from it gets a very bad rap these days. For good reason. A “sext” that falls into the wrong hands can be devastatingly embarassing for the sender, especially in the teen years. But for older couples who do it in a loving relationship, a new study suggests that “sexting” may actually be the glue that holds it all together.

Sending nude photos over the Internet is risky business. We all know this. Our nude photos could be accidentally sent to a friend. Our alluring sex talk could be sent to our boss by mistake. There are any number of things that can happen that would make sexting a massive, humiliating, potentially life-altering mistake.

But let’s face it: It’s also hot. And the study from Drexel University found that people who sext in relationships also have higher levels of sexual satisfaction. Hot damn.

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It really makes perfect sense. The fact is, in our busy lives, sometimes most of our communication is done through the phone. A subtly sent text that makes our lover think of us when he or she is away is an ideal way to keep that spark alive. It also builds tension. When I sext my husband during the day and promise him what is going to happen once he gets home, he is much more likely to attack me the second he walks in the door.

Tension is the key to any good sex life. That means flirting must be done. Attention must be paid. It is so easy over the course of a busy life to forget the ones we love/lust after. Sexting reminds him (and ourselves) that we can still play it the way we used to.

Sure, it is scary having photos out there and there are times I get worried about that. But I also trust my husband and he trusts me. Sure, we could get divorced. But after 14 years going strong, it seems mighty unlikely. It’s a risk worth taking.

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If you are going to sext, make sure it is with someone you know and trust. Also make sure your phone is secure and things are not automatically shared. Double check the recipient before hitting send (always) and then check it again just to be sure. Then send away. Because everyone likes a sexy midday surprise. This study is not wrong.

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