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6 Health stories that prove you’ll be fine just the way you are

Ah, the endless amount of studies and health news that tell us what we’re doing wrong to our bodies. It’s annoying right? Like a constant reminder of how we are failing as humans. That said, there is some health news that could mean really great things for you.

1. First of all, music makes you pretty darn intelligent

Everybody loves music, right? Does anybody not listen to music? I really don’t think it’s possible in today’s easy streaming world. And, it turns out, just like breathing or walking, one of the things we inherently do every day is pretty healthy. The study published in the National Academy of Sciences was mostly done on adolescents, but suggests that listening to your jams improves memory and literacy. You get bonus points for playing music.

2. Science officially supports the end of perfection

We try to be so perfect in everything we do: job interviews, job performance, parenting, spousing and the list goes on. But it really just leads to burnout. And, if you ask me, we could all use a little break from trying to be so great. And I bet, in an ironic twist of events, you’ll actually get more done.

3. This model’s cancer fight proves beauty is so, so not one size fits all

AKA: We can all stop worrying about looking a certain way. And not that getting cancer is a good thing in any situation, but this story is the perfect reminder that our bodies may very well attack us but we can fight back and we can overcome. Not everything ends tragically.

4. Spicy foods aren’t actually killing you

I know, it really feels that way when you’re eating them and your mouth and throat are about to start smoking they’re so hot (but it tastes so good). However, there was a study published in the British Medical Journal that says quite the contrary. They can actually reduce risk of early death because eating them results in fewer deaths from cancer, heart disease and breathing problems.

5. Not that you smoked pot, but if you did…

…ya know, in your experimental days, it may have not done as much damage as you were led to believe. According to a new study, it doesn’t seem to show strong links to depression or asthma, mental or physical health later in life. This either means good things for you or for your teenagers who will most likely have a joint shoved at them at some point, given it’s actually legal in some places now.

6. You can finally admit that twerking is hip

Miley Cyrus made it famous, but man did this fitness instructor do it so much better. Lexy Panterra shared a video on her Youtube and she twerked so good, it might actually be something you can associate with now. She even has a whole Youtube channel dedicated to twerking workouts. So, if you’re still embarrassed to try it, now you can use the excuse that you’re burning fat.

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