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Does your child have a cold or allergies? (INFOGRAPHIC)

When your child feels miserable, it’s natural to pick up the phone and call the doctor. But before you do, it’s wise to understand the source of your child’s discomfort.

I know, it can feel nearly impossible. When my daughter was younger she dealt with bad nasal allergies for almost an entire year. She wasn’t able to verbalize what was making her uncomfortable which made me feel powerless to help her. I spent that year trying to analyze her symptoms. What I really wanted was a guide to tell me what to do so that I could stop my constant worrying.

Thankfully, such a guide exists. Check out this infographic, sourced from the National Institute of Health, to help determine if your child is more likely struggling with a cold or allergies.

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Source: National Institutes of Health

Uncomplicated colds and allergies usually respond well to over-the-counter treatments and remedies. However, if your child’s condition worsens or if you have any concerns at all, don’t hesitate to call your pediatrician for advice.

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