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7 Coffee Alternatives That Are Actually Better for Your Health

As delicious as coffee is, it has some possible down sides — including sleep disruption, anxiety and nausea, as well as some acidic and dehydrating properties. With a coffee shop on every corner, it can be difficult to avoid the caffeine-filled beverage but that isn’t stopping people from trying to kick their coffee habit for good. It may not be easy, but we have some alternatives to try instead.

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1. Teeccino

Teeccino is a herbal coffee alternative consisting of nutritious qualities released during its brewing process. With a taste that strongly resembles coffee, Teeccino is the perfect alternative for all people who love coffee’s taste.

2. Black tea

Love coffee but hate the crash? Try black tea. Black tea is a good substitute to your daily cup of Joe since it still contains a little caffeine but not quite as much. Studies have concluded that when combined with lemon, this drink results in a decreased risk of stroke and heart disease. Apparently this is due to the powerful antioxidants in black tea.

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3. Matcha green tea

Matcha green tea is a powder that mixes well with water. Matcha offers several benefits, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are linked to protection against heart disease and cancer. For the caffeine addicts out there, this drink has the same amount of caffeine as coffee, just without the unwanted side effects.

4. Lemon water

If you’re looking for a drink that balances your pH, improves digestion and promotes weight loss, look no further. A warm water and lemon juice mix should be your go to drink in the morning. Lemon water is a painless way to cleanse your body of toxins in one highly beneficial drink.

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5. An apple

An apple is a healthy alternative to the morning coffee because it’s filled with fructose. Fructose is a natural sugar which stimulates and naturally wakes up and keeps the body awake throughout the day. There’s no risk of a crash either, which is just one of the many benefits of eating apples. Apples also contain carbohydrates, which keep the body moving and are a great source of fiber.

6. 30 seconds of exercise

People have attested that 30 seconds of high-intensity exercise gives people “the same mental boost as a shot of caffeine.” The same studies concluded a 100 percent increase in short-term memory after exercise when compared to the effects of caffeine.

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7. Cold showers

Cold showers promote many benefits, such as improving your immune system, triggering weight loss, combating depression and increasing alertness. Cold showers cause deep breathing in an attempt to keep our bodies warm, consequently increasing oxygen intake and heart rate and giving us a natural energy boost. It’s a method practiced by thousands, all swearing by its positive effects.

What helps you wake up in the morning? Let us know and leave us a comment below!

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