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Interracial couples talk stereotypes in provocative video


For interracial couples, dating can have a complicated tangle of stereotypes that come along with it. In a new video, real couples discuss these stereotypes, dispelling myths and telling their truths in a candid, open discussion.

The fact is, when you date a person who grew up differently than you or who comes from a vastly different culture, there are a lot of questions and discussions that need to happen. Some are funny. Some are ignorant. Some are just plain out there. A number of couples sat down with Complex and discussed the many stereotypes they deal with.

See below:

Some of the stereotypes addressed in the video include the one where white girls love performing oral sex (they do?!) while black girls don’t. Another is the old fave: black men have larger penises. According to some of these couples, that one holds true.

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These couples are not just black and white. There are hispanic men with black women, Asian women with black men, white women with black men, and on and so many other variations. It is beautiful to see love to evenly represented. Because the fact is, given an open mind and good communication, dating someone with a different background than your own can actually be a good thing. A very good thing, in fact.

Toward the end of the video, one woman says she thinks her relationship gives other people hope. And she’s right. When people can come together and laugh about stereotypes and admit they are ignorant about some things, learn from one another, and still fall in love, that really is the definition of hope. In a world full of so much hate, it’s quite beautiful to see love in so many different forms and shapes and colors.

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The world can change. One loving couple at a time. Hope, indeed.

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