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Men watch their girlfriends being catcalled (VIDEO)


Catcalling has been outed several times over the past year for how disrespectful it is to women. However, we have yet to see how guys respond to their girlfriends being catcalled without them around.

So Cosmo decided to record women getting catcalled throughout their day and to show the resulting videos to their boyfriends. Needless to say, the men were not thrilled with what they saw, but the experience affected all of them in a way they may not have expected.

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The video experiment looked at only three couples, but that was more than enough to exhibit what’s so wrong with these offensive actions that occur too many times a day to count. The women are never aggressive in their reactions to the catcalls, but the offenders still find reasons to get pushy and even verbally hostile toward them. The looks alone on their boyfriends’ faces seem to show that they feel violated too just by association.

I really appreciated that the couples were sitting together watching these incidents of catcalling, because it allowed them to have a dialogue about this touchy subject. The guys got to see just how commonplace catcalling is in their girlfriends’ lives and how numb they’ve gotten to it as a result. The girlfriends often looked surprised by how upset their boyfriends were getting over the incidents, then almost pleased, because they saw them finally understand it.

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When one woman’s catcaller threw a racist comment at her, then called her a “bitch,” her boyfriend (who had been rather relaxed up until that point) just couldn’t handle it anymore. Another nearly lost it when a guy blatantly commented on his girlfriend’s breasts. See, guys? Unwarranted, sexual comments don’t seem like compliments now, do they?

I decided to watch this video with my fiancé to see how he felt about the incidents. He has never been a jealous guy — in fact, he’s more proud than mad when I get hit on at a bar or somewhere similar. However, when it came to seeing the flagrant catcalling in this video, he began to adopt a different viewpoint. He started asking me things like, “And this same sort of stuff happens to you every day or is this extreme?” To which I answered, “Yup, I’ve experienced most of this at one time or another.” He was utterly floored. Most guys don’t realize how sickening it feels to deal with catcalling all the time. However, hopefully with more videos like this popping up all over the internet, the reality of catcalling will start to sink in and maybe even change male behavior on the street.

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